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Terms and Conditions

"Hey, a rule is a rule. And let's face it, without rules there's chaos."

- Kramer (Michael Richards) Seinfeld S6, E2 "The Big Salad"

Let's cross the i's and dot the t's ;-)


Disclaimer: Complete Document Formatting is not a Consultancy Service. It does not in any way advise on content of any work it is asked to complete. It is only a typing and formatting service.


Onsite/Travel Charge: Completing work onsite will incur a charge of $68.50 per visit. This charge will be waived in the following circumstances:

- If the work provided is due to an unexpected problem caused by Complete Document Formatting,

- If you are located within a 15km radius of Tullamarine (3043)


Postage/Courier Costs: The client will pay for postage or courier costs as per normal Aus Post and/or courier charges. POA.


Time Charge: A minimum of 30 minutes will be charged to the client for all work, after which, all work will be charged at Pro Rata.


Invoices are issued weekly or provided with completed work.


Payment is by cash, cheque, credit card or direct deposit.


Payment terms are 7 days from date of invoice.


Security: All work completed is burnt to CD and stored separately in the client's file. If the client needs a copy of any work, a copy can be retrieved from this backup (* conditions apply). As an added security measure, at no time is completed work stored on our system. If clients prefer, all work completed can be kept at their premises instead of being stored on file.

* Normal File Retrieval charges apply. Refer to current price list for charge.


Web Design Terms:

- $500 deposit after initial consultation/s and when given the 'all clear' to start (an invoice for the deposit will be issued and work will start when invoice is paid in full).

- Balance payable when site is ready to go live (an invoice will be issued upon website being signed off as ‘ok to go live.’ Website will go live when invoice is paid in full).

Note: Site will not go live until final balance is paid in full.


Best Practice: Please note defaults on payment will be passed onto a Debt Recovery Agency. When passed on, any commissions, debt recovery fees and legal fees will be incurred, in addition to the outstanding invoice.

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Time Charge
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